The Dogs at Springhill Farm

Our kennel club registered, West Highland Terriers, Daisy, Lily, Rose and Iris have their own room, complete with under floor heating, in the house, and outside play area, as they are determined to be any colour but white!

They are looked after by Bess, son Dave's  black lab, who declined the wonders of student digs in Cardiff, to Westie sit, and is very patient and gentle and is happy for them all to pile into one big bed with her. She loves to be with us on the sofa, but cannot be trusted when alone in the house, the kitchen cupboards are far too tempting, especially if there is a pan of porridge on the Aga, as according to Bess, this can magically jump into her paws!

Welcome to Springhill dogs own page.

They reckoned what is good for the horses must be good for them, they do not quite appreciate that the horses work for the privilege, and lying around in the sun/on cosy beds by the Aga, playing and eating does not count as a hard day, still lets humour the darlings, because they do give a lot of pleasure, be it very hairy, well why else was the vacuum cleaner invented!

Springhill was for 15 years a boarding kennels and cattery, over the years we have met a lot of lovely dogs [and owners], from Heinz 57 to Cruft's qualifiers and really enjoyed it, now it's time to enjoy our own animals and breed a little.

Matilda the bulldog ,a great host, who does not like the cold or wet weather, and Teasel the Border terrier and tries to look tough when it rains, but is usually found disappearing through the cat flap at the first sign, are usually around  to welcome visitors, if not they will lightly be on their sofa.

We also have cute Sparky ,our K.C Westie stud dog 

Any pups born at Springhill, as well as being breed from parents with excellent health, temperaments and pedigrees, are reared in the home with all the love and attention they need, by the time they go to their new homes, micro chipped and with their first injection, they are happy, well handled, used to cats [we have a few] and have an idea what newspaper is for, don't leave the Sunday papers lying around!