Correct as of April 2017  £
One hour Group (usually up to 6) or assessment lesson 28
One hour semi private. 31
Private one hr   36
Jumping  From 1 to 3 35


For the first time customer and up to novice riders (No cantering, and only trotting when groups allow)  
Half hour Suitable for young children 4 upwards. 19
¾ hr   24
One hour ride Suitable for those who have never ridden and want to try it 28
One and half hour   38
Two Hours   43
Novice day ride This includes 3 hours riding, calling off at a pub for lunch, total time of up to 4.5 hours out 68


The following is only available for those with· ability to ride at walk trot and canter in open countryside, (groups are kept small)  
1 ½ hours Shortest hack available to include cantering 42
Two Hours Faster pace including cantering 48
Three Hour ride   66
Short day ride Day ride calling off at a pub with up to 3 hours of riding time 75
Day ride This usually includes 4 hours riding (Depending upon pace) calling off at a pub for lunch, total time of up to 6 hours out  87
Extended day ride Like the day ride but up to 6 hours riding taken at a faster pace, for this riders need to be competent in all paces, and regular riders. - Group size of 6 maximum  110
The above prices only include the riding, not lunch or other refreshments at any of the stops