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6 night Teenage Riding Holiday

Duration: 6 Days
From: Springhill Farm
To: Springhill Farm
Scale: 1 - 1 people
Tour size: 13
Transportation: Springhill farm
6 Night Teenage Riding Holiday, arriving from 3pm Sunday to 12noon on Saturday.

6 Night Teenage Riding Holiday

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Below are Some of the things to experience during your holiday.

Arrive from 3pm on Sunday. Meet your friends for the week, human and animal.

See your parents safely off, after re assuring them that you have a bed and somewhere to wash and that you ARE going to miss them, but they can ring any time!

We will have a chat about what you want out of your holiday, while having a walk around the farm to meet the horses and other riders.

In the afternoon, after the daily routine of catching grooming and tacking up, you will have an assessment lesson, in order that you are best matched with your mount and get the best out of the holiday. You can have the same pony or ride several different mounts.

For more details see our Teenage riding holiday page

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