-13hh Bay Gelding

Our very own Houdini, as he is always escaping from his field. Fun on and off the lead rein although you will have to watch when there is grass about!










 14.2hh Grey Cob

Very willing, and loves discovering new things




-14.3hh Piebald Gelding

With a gentle, kind nature Badger looks out for everyone whether you’re handling or riding him fast or steady. A safe comfortable ride. 



-14.2hh Bay Gelding

This handsome old man has been in the family many years enjoying both pony and riding club activities. He enjoys the more gentle rides nowadays, but his cheekiness and attitude towards work has not changed a bit.  



-13.2hh Roan Mare

Mother to Welby and Jake, a gentle and caring pony who enjoys her work and looks after anyone on board.  



-15.3hh Piebald gelding

Gentle kind sweet natured boy best friend to Masie. 

ben 1 of 1 






-14hh Dark Bay Mare

Kate’s favourite. For such short feathery feet has a surprising turn of speed when asked that’s Bonnie not Kate! 



– 14.3hh Roan Gelding

Chester has been in the family for around 15 years. He is a fun safe hack for all that ride him and although one of the older boys is never far behind in a good gallop. If in the school keep him away from our instructor Kate he has her card marked! 



(Court Jester)

-15.1hh Liver Chestnut Gelding

A fun, forward going but safe hack. Has turned his hoof to dressage in the past so with the right rider on board could teach you a few moves. 



-15.1hh Bay Gelding 

This school master has the handsome looks that will woo any female. Taking things slower these days but still enjoys his work and will look after his rider and teach them all he knows in the school. 

















– 16hh Dark Bay Gelding

This big softie has learnt to enjoy his work up at Springhill. He now returns the belief he has in humans by giving trust and confidence to his rider out on hacks. 






-16hh Bay Gelding

An ex racehorse but you wouldn’t know without being told. Has the kindest temperament and is very laid back. No longer does hand stands. 

 gilo 1 of 1







-16.1hh Dark Bay Gelding 

Our big handsome man on the yard. Although he likes to think he’s in charge with the other horses, when it comes to humans he has a heart of gold. He’ll teach you all you need to know. He pushes his way to the front of the ride to show the pace down, but we all know he ends up last in a gallop! 



-16.2hh Dark Bay Mare

Mother to Kerrigan. Kind and gentle mare that will look after novices and experienced riders. Will give you confidence in and out of the school and over jumps. A real school mistress. 



-13.2hh Bay Gelding

This handsome boy has been there and done it all and will give any rider a fun but confidence giving ride in and out of the school. Great on the lead rein for first time riders. 


 herbie 8417







-13.2hh Roan Gelding

Son of Bella and is starting to get some rides under his girth! Definitely following in his mum’s hoof prints. 

 jake 1 of 1


-15hh Skewbald Gelding

Another Badger! Takes everything in his stride and his laid back and caring attitude gives any rider confidence in and out of the school.  

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-15hh black mare

A stead weight carrier.




- 15hh Bay Gelding

Born with us and Hazel’s son. A loveable character whose little pointed ears always show how much he enjoys being out on a ride.




-14.3hh Piebald Mare

Whizzy Kizzy, great fun for those that want it. 



-16.2hh Dark Bay Mare

A sweet natured elegant lady who has the moves like “Jagger” well not Jagger ...but more like moves like a dressage horse! She was trained in dressage and can teach you a thing or two in the school.




-15hh Bay Gelding

Bred by us and Kerrigan’s son. Like father like son! A sweet natured caring chap who is starting to get a few rides under his girth.




-15.3hh Grey Mare

A comfortable and sure footed lady who looks after anyone on board. Has shown Seren she has the speed when required but like Seren has the brakes. 




-16hh Piebald Mare

A sure footed, comfortable and loving lady who is a real confidence giver. Takes everything in a stride.  

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-13.2hh Dark Bay Mare

Hone bred fun pony who keeps up with the bigh horses. 



 -15.3hh Grey Mare




-15.2 Bay Mare




-14.2hh Bay Mare

Forward going but safe mare who has a real turn of speed if asked. Loves being out hacking as much as she enjoys being in the school teaching you all she knows. 




-14.1hh Bay Mare

The school mistress! Been there and done it all. Clocked up many miles over the years and still enjoys her rides as much as she did in her younger days, be it slow confidence giving ones or fast experienced ones. If you need to learn it let Molly teach you!  



- 15.1hh Bay Gelding

Home bred. A kind hearted chap who likes to see himself as a bit of a Red Rum on fast rides but on slower rides is a reliable steed.  



-15hh Piebald Gelding

The Boyfriend of Solo! This gentle giant will be look after you even if he is discretely keeping one eye on what Solo is doing. Very laid back and a real confidence giver. Prepare for your thighs to have a good work out! 








- 15.1hh Grey Mare

A real pleaser who loves being out exploring the countryside and ensuring her rider enjoys it just as much.  

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- 14.2hh Grey Gelding

This lovely grey also comes as a bay depending how much mud is about. Been there and done it all and although he has clocked up some mileage still enjoys a good hack or teaching his rider all he knows.  



17hh Grey Mare








- 15.2hh Dark Bay Gelding

 Our race horse in disguise, he has to be near the front of all the rides so he can keep an eye on where everyone’s going. Usually comes in from the field looking more like a hippo as he loves mud but once clean scrubs up into a handsome boy with his own moustache. 



-14.2hh Black Welsh Cob Mare







– 14.2hh Bay Mare

All though she may be a bit lazy and a moody mare at times she has a kind heart and will look after the more nervous riders at her slower pace. A very comfortable canter for first timers.... you just need to get her into canter! 




- 15.2hh Spotted Gelding
This handsome fella loves his ladies and competes with Harry for the title of “man of the yard”. A gentleman on quiet hacks who will give any rider confidence.







- 16hh Bay Mare

Older sister to Sioned, bred by us, Steve’s horse but some are lucky enough to be allowed to ride her! Has a real turn of speed and still gets excited for her canters but has brakes to go with it. Real good fun for experienced riders on fast hacks (currently in just had her foal)

 seren and foal 1 of 1





16.1hh Bay Mare


Seren’s full sister, breed by us, Liz’s horse and completely opposite to her sister. She always manages to give her riders confidence if they need it in and out of the school. 



-15.3hh Bay GeldingA sweet boy who is eager to please and likes to know you’re with him on the ride for comfort. Be gentle to him and in return he will look after you. 



-15.1hh Piebald Mare 

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-16.3hh Bay MareThis big mare is used for our lessons both flat and jumping. She is kind natured and looks after you.